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Morgan C. McLamb
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Mass amounts of art!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 3, 2015, 10:02 PM
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  • Reading: Lost & Found by Kathleen White
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Hi-yo everybody!

I know that I don't update my journal often enough, but I wanted to let everyone know (again) that I've been doing quite a bit of streaming over on Twitch of my artwork! I start -- and finish -- artwork there! That's why you've been seeing so many completed works pop up in my gallery as opposed to the sketches and half-finished things I had been uploading in the past!

I've done a LOT of art cards/ATC/ACEO (whatever you want to call them), as well as some larger - more complete - works. Here's a sampling of what I've been doing over on my twitch channel:

Copic + Colored Pencil - What's New Pussycat? by EternityEmporiumLamia by EternityEmporiumCrowtaur by EternityEmporium

Mature Content

The Moon by EternityEmporium

Mature Content

The Sun by EternityEmporium

Mature Content

Lovely Zombie Lamia by EternityEmporium
Crayon Challenge! by EternityEmporium

Here are the mass collection of ACEOs that I've been doing - a lot of these have been sold, won in a giveaway, or traded off -- but a good chunk are still up in my shop on my website. Also, most of these designs, even if they've been sold can be re-done. There are only two images that cannot be re-done.

ATC-Sam by EternityEmporiumATC-Mousekewitz by EternityEmporiumATC-Herman by EternityEmporiumATC-Ferguson by EternityEmporiumATC-Darcy by EternityEmporiumATC-Carl by EternityEmporiumATC-Bernie by EternityEmporiumATC-Boris by EternityEmporium
ATC-Wallace by EternityEmporiumATC-Mila-2nd edition by EternityEmporiumATC-Mila by EternityEmporiumATC-SirenSong by EternityEmporiumATC-BloodFruit by EternityEmporiumATC - Bessie the Plessie by EternityEmporiumATC - Best Friends by EternityEmporiumATC-ManyEyes by EternityEmporium
ATC-Snow by EternityEmporiumATC-BlindAngel by EternityEmporiumATC-CauldronBubble by EternityEmporiumATC-BubbleBubble by EternityEmporiumATC - Are You My Mummy? by EternityEmporiumATC-Leilani by EternityEmporiumATC-Cutie by EternityEmporium
ATC-DarkDancer by EternityEmporiumATC-LaLuna by EternityEmporiumATC-LaMuerta by EternityEmporiumATC-Noveau by EternityEmporiumATC-WhatsNewPussycat by EternityEmporiumATC-TuffStuff by EternityEmporiumATC-LucyLongneck by EternityEmporiumATC - Bird Skull by EternityEmporium

Here are the two that are for sale that I cannot make alternate versions of:
ATC-Portrait2 by EternityEmporiumATC-Portrait1 by EternityEmporium

I think that I'm gong to put an image in the description of the cards that have been sold or given away or traded...this is the image I'll probably use, which is basically a mock-up of what my wax seal looks like, though I don't add ribbon under it when I package....maybe I should start, it does look pretty neat, I think.

I've gotten a commission as well that I'll be working on fairly soon, and I'm drawing a little bit of fan art - or rather a fan character. It's just a sort of tender supportive note for :devidzamii070:, who's been going through quite a lot lately. She doesn't know me, but I heard about what happened to her, and I'm just furious about it. It's hard to get that tough skin about your own art, but at the same time people should learn the difference between a critique and bullying someone. Art is a form of expression, and people can do it however they want to do it. If you don't like what they're creating, there's a simple solution - don't look at it. You don't need to bully or harass the person because what they're depicting isn't your idea of perfect... The whole SJW movement and craziness that's been going on is just insane. I understand the want to stand up for something or someone, but if doing so hurts someone else in the process, you're not accomplishing anything - in fact you're going against the idea of helping anyone. You can't say that you want to help someone or some cause when, in doing so, it causes someone else to get hurt. That's just hypocrisy.

Ok. Enough of that. I've redesigned and opened up my website:

There I've put together a gallery of sketches, final works, videos, and even commissions. There's a contact form, as well as a little bit of information about me - but most importantly, you can check out my shop and buy original artwork! Eventually I'll be offering prints and the like, but right now all that is in the shop is ACEOs and larger original works.

I'm also holding a holiday special! If you buy something from the shop and use the code "HOLLY2015" when you order, you'll get 10% off! I do ship internationally as well, so that's not a problem! Also, if there's an art card that you see above that isn't listed on the site as being for sale, you can contact me via the form with a request for that card to have another edition made up! Right now all of the cards that are listed are 1st edition cards.

If you want to keep up to date on when I go live on twitch, or just when I do updates of artwork in general, my twitter is probably the first place to follow! Every instagram update gets posted there, likewise it's posted when I go live on twitch. When I can't make a stream, twitter is also what I will update to let everyone know -- the twitter feed is also featured on my main page, so if you go there, you'll be able to see what's going on quite easily!

While I may not write a lot of journal entries in the future, I will do my best to keep the gallery updated with scans of the works I do during streams! You can also see my schedule of streams by visiting the main page of my website and scrolling down a little bit. There's a calendar there for the week that shows when I'm scheduled to stream on Twitch. Keep in mind, however, that this is liable to change in the semi-near future. I've been streaming in the early afternoon and ending in the early evening. This is getting increasingly more difficult for me, so I may be switching to night-owl mode, where I stream primarily in the evening -- this would accommodate the west coat US as well as, I feel, those over seas.

Right now my tentative schedule for streaming is: Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat from 12PM - 7PM EST. I say it's tentative because I'm looking at changing my schedule to an evening one, since that's more "prime time" than the schedule I have now. I'm looking at shifting to 9pm EST to 3-4am EST instead. I'm much more of a night owl, so this would work out better for me in the long run. Right now you can view my present schedule on my website -- which you can get to by clicking the sign above, or just by visiting

That's about all I've got to say for now, but there may be more things to add later. I'm updating all of the visuals here to match up with my twitch and website. I'll be doing that to twitter and tumblr as well at some point when I have more time. I don't have a lot of free time because of streaming. I spend all my free time editing video for youtube, or doing other things that relate to the stream. It's definitely a full-time job right now!
All of the artwork that I'm selling on my shop is available for prints here on DA, but also you can purchase prints directly from me if you send me a message about it.

If you do happen to come in stream -- let me know that you found it through my DA, my youtube, twitter, facebook, tumblr, or even my instagram! It's nice to know where everyone's filtering in from!

Thanks everyone!

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